Dear Costumer

With the new season approaching, we are delighted to be writing to you with news and updates from the marina. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions, and in the meantime we look forward to being of service during the forthcoming year.

Licence Renewals & Fees

As usual our review of berthing fees this year has taken into account the cost of maintaining the marina and services and what we anticipate we will need to spend over the next 12 months. In doing so, we are conscious that our customers also have budgets, so we are making any increases as manageable as possible. You will find enclosed with this letter a tariff for 2015/16 and a berthing licence (except for lodge & houseboat owners who have existing term licences) – to renew your mooring licence, please complete and return the entire document to us as soon as possible (a copy will be returned with your invoice or Direct Debit statement). From 1st April, you will be invoiced at the new rates and on the same payment terms as before – if you wish to change your payment arrangements, please let us know well in advance so we can make alterations before 1st April.

Payment Terms

For some time now, our terms of business for new customers have been that annual mooring fees can be paid in one of two ways, in full in advance or monthly by direct debit and that all other fees are due in advance. Existing customers that have already adopted these methods of payment will benefit from the new discounts of 10% for annual payments and 5% for monthly direct debit payments (previously 5% and 2% respectively). The purpose of this is to reward customers who use our preferred payment methods and to encourage others to adopt one or other. Hopefully, the increased discounts now on offer will be sufficient incentive for this to happen!

Metered Electricity Supplies

Most of our client metered electricity supplies are now paid for by direct debit each month, however there are still some that are not. Bearing in mind this is provided as an ‘at cost’ service and has to be paid for by the Company by direct debit at source, it would be much appreciated if those not paying by direct debit complete the enclosed mandate to minimize the administration involved.

Berth Holder Benefits

We are reinstating the ‘Refer a Friend’ offer, which gives an incentive to the existing berth holder and the new customer – full details will be made available soon.
In addition, the new tariff includes some beneficial savings for our berth holders-:
5% off pump price of fuel
10% off Riverboat Solutions workshop labour rate
5% off Calor Gas refill retail price

Finally, over the page you will find an update about the marina, please take the time to read it as there isimportant information included that all berth holders should be aware of.
With kind regards and very best wishes for 2015 on behalf of all the team,

Yours faithfully

Duncan Simmonds



Customers will no doubt be aware that there have been some changes in recent months with a reduction in the number of dedicated chandlery staff and the appointment of two new personnel, Lewis Tiley (son of Tracey Tiley, our accountant) as a marina apprentice (including chandlery and boat sales) and Tommy Haran (son of Andrew Haran, site maintenance contractor) as a site maintenance worker. Their roles overlap and you will often see them out on site together checking and reviewing the facilities. Meanwhile, both are working hard to complete the Marina Operatives Course, an office and practically based assessment of all aspects of the operation of a marina. These staff changes mean that the chandlery is manned by Jacqui Taylor between Sunday and Thursday and on Fridays and Saturdays by Sales Office personnel – it is still open 7 days a week with access usually via the Sales Office when Jacqui is not in.

Opening Hours

From Monday 30th March to Friday 30th October inclusive, our opening hours will be Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday-Sunday 10am to 5pm. Emergency or out of hours contact can  always be made by email ( or by dialling the mobile number(s) in the office voicemail message.

Post & Parcels

Addressed mail delivered to the marina office will be placed in the alphabetically labelled pigeon holes in the laundry/post room. Parcels will be held at the chandlery reception or in the sales office to be collected in person, however due to our new staffing arrangements it is not always possible to notify customers about parcels so if something is expected and you have not heard from us please call in when passing.

Chandlery & Showroom

Plans to reorganise and improve the range and display of stock are in hand, so please visit us soon to see what boats, engines and equipment are on offer.


Following a successful selling season, our listings are now depleted of stock so if you are thinking of selling a boat or houseboat, please do get in touch with us!

Site Appearance

Our customers have been telling us for some time now that this is an aspect of the marina that requires attention and while we are very grateful for your comments and feedback, they are wasted if we don’t act on them. Consequently, we have made new arrangements for the grounds maintenance work (see below), which means our site maintenance team will be able to concentrate on repairs and improvements to moorings, services and facilities. We believe this will lead to an overall improvement in the management and appearance of the marina. However, and there is inevitably a flip side to these things, if this is not to be a wasted exercise we all need to put our house in order. This means that ALL BANKS, JETTIES, PONTOONS, MOORINGS, PATHWAYS, WALKWAYS, CAR PARKS AND ANYWHERE THAT IS NOT YOUR VESSEL MUST BE CLEARED OF EVERYTHING BY 31ST MARCH. ANYTHING THAT IS LEFT AFTER THIS DATE WILL BE DISPOSED OF BY US. If you have a dinghy, bicycle, motorbike, small trailer or anything else that cannot be easily stowed on board your vessel, please speak with us as it is our plan to create a dedicated area for such items, albeit at a cost.

Grounds Maintenance

We have appointed a specialist local contractor, HJ Horticulture, to carry out grass cutting, strimming, weed killing, hedge trimming, light tree work and general grounds maintenance of the marina over the next 12 months starting in March. Their approach will be to manage and maintain what we already have and their highly qualified staff have an in depth knowledge of pruning a wide variety of plants including trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennials so we are hoping to see improvements over time. We would like to hear from our customers how this new arrangement is working, so if you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know.