Wide choice of moorings

There is a range of over 200 fixed and floating moorings to suit most types of craft found on the inland waterways, including river cruisers, day boats, and narrow and wide beam steel boats. Most of the moorings have access to mains electricity and water, and are located within a secure area beyond an electrically operated gate. There are a select number of moorings positioned on the opposite side of the marina and on the riverside, where there is no direct access to services, but the peace and tranquillity more than compensates for this! A summary of facilities, services and useful contacts at the marina is displayed below, but to fully appreciate what is available, please pay us a visit.

Hartford Marina

If you would like a copy of the marina’s tariff or wish to know more about mooring your boat at Hartford Marina, either as a visitor or permanently, please follow the links below or contact us by phone, email or in person – our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be delighted to help.